North Coast Subtidal MPA Monitoring


The North coast Subtidal MPA Monitoring team

HSU is part of a cooperative agreement with the California Ocean Protection Council led by UC Santa Cruz (Dr. Mark Carr) that involves UC Santa Barbara (Dr. Jenn Caselle) and Reef Check California (Dr. Jan Freiwald) in conducting statewide subtidal surveys. HSU will collaborate with Reef Check to conduct annual surveys of north coast subtidal reefs and kelp forests in Mendocino, Humboldt and Del Norte counties. We will use SCUBA to measure the physical characteristics of rocky reefs and the relative abundance and sizes of many fishes, mobile and sessile invertebrates and algae at each site.


2017 Sampling is Complete!

Stay tuned for news about the 2018 season, data summaries for the season, and more! Follow us at for the most up to date news on our work.




For general information:

Dr. Brian Tissot

For field logistics and schedule:

Chris Teague, Field Coordinator

Scientific Diving:

Rich Alvarez, HSU Diving Safety Officer

Scientific Boating:

Steve Monk, HSU Boat Safety Officer

Principal Investigators:

Dr. Brian Tissot, Director
Marine Laboratory

Dr. Sean Craig, Professor
Biological Sciences Dept.