Professor Fred Telonicher (1903-1977)

Fred Telonicher began his career at Humboldt State Teachers’ College in 1927. In the 40 years of his tenure, he saw his institution become Humboldt State College, and just a few years after his retirement in 1967, it became Humboldt State University. Professor Telonicher’s contributions to the college were diverse and numerous. He taught marine biology and helped plan the Humboldt State University Marine Laboratory, which opened to students in 1966. He coached the Lumberjack football team from 1927-1934 and was instrumental in starting the track and field program in 1932. HSU dedicated the marine lab facility in honor of Professor Telonicher in recognition of his long history of service to HSU.

Fred Telonicher was renowned for his dedication to his students. His classes were characterized by frequent field trips, and Mr. Telonicher considered the the intellectual development of his students to be the most satisfying aspect of his career. He held himself to high standards, and expected the same level of integrity from his students.

Today, Humboldt State’s natural resources programs are among the best in the country, but this might not have been the case if Fred Telonicher had not envisioned and helped create these ground- breaking programs. A staunch environmentalist, he helped steer Humboldt State on a course that has made it a destination for students interested in environmental science, natural resources, and marine biology. His legacy lives on with every student that discovers a passion for the natural world at Humboldt State University.