Director's Welcome

The HSU Marine Lab provides access to a rich diversity of habitats along northern California's Redwood Coast including rocky intertidal zones, miles of secluded sandy beaches, rich kelp beds, deep offshore reefs, big lagoons, the Klamath River, and the Humboldt bay estuary. The lab is an integral part of Humboldt State University's diverse degree programs in marine science including marine biology, fisheries and oceanography as well as other departments. The primary mission of HSU is to support undergraduate instruction and research through "hands on" experiences using our outstanding marine facilities:

  • The 90' R/V Coral Sea: the largest research vessel dedicated to undergraduate education and research in the country;
  • Our diverse fleet of small boats, ranging from kayaks to Boston Whalers, designed to facilitate access to a wide range of habitats;
  • Our Scientific Diving Program, which annually trains over 200 students to conduct underwater research, including a minor degree in Scientific Diving;
  • The Marine lab in Trinidad, located just 14 miles from the main campus, in addition to providing a 90,000 gallon state-of-the-art seawater system, is a short walk down the hill to sandy beaches, rocky intertidal zones, and subtidal kelp beds.

In summary, the lab is an unique and fantastic place to learn about the ocean in a small class setting with real-world experiences. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the lab or the marine sciences at HSU.

Dr. Brian Tissot, Director